Andrea Knobloch// don't listen to the early birds

Vernissage 26.06 with Special food tasting at the opening performed by Barkin’Kitchen// 7pm// cubus-m gallery, Pohlstraße 75

The work of Andrea Knobloch in cubus-m gallery in Berlin evokes just such comparative images. The Düsseldorf based artist presents a central, two part installation: both resonate with the metaphor of the forest and are comprised of modular systems, specifically constructed for the exhibition, that oscillate between divergence and repetition, occupying space and organising it.don ́t listen to the early birds is formed from a number of wire structures, reminiscent of bird cages, each one attached to diagonal poles,that we can walk through. Mechanically produced bird sounds emanate from them.

The title refers to the artist's experience in China, where street sellers marketed their wares by playing audio tapes. When the language is not known, this repeti tive sound blends into a melodic, abstract sound sequence just like a birdsong. Andrea Knobloch starts with the latent, ubiquitous shapes that we meet every day: rhombus, square, circle, triangle and hexagon and knots her forest together into a delicate spacial sculpture. One of her references is to architectural concepts from the early 20th century, with its concern for standardisation while at the same time providing acceptable, healthy living spaces for lots of people. The grid, the modernist paradigm, is also reflected in her Wirtschaftswald (working forest) relief: printed, folded white cardboard product packaging as stacked up picture wall or wall covering, looming out into the space, exposes the repeating motif of a peeling house facade. Traces of the weathering of cultivated spaces conquered by nature? The enhancement of a forest's economic production through grid like tree planting?

Andrea Knobloch
(*1961) studied fine art and sculpture at the University for Fine Arts in Hamburg (HFBK) and at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf where she graduated in 1992 from David Rabinowitch's class. Her work has been shown at many national and international exhibitions since then and recently at the Museum Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf, the Neue Gießener Kunstverein, the Kunstmuseum Mülheim an der Ruhr, the Organhaus Art Space in Chongqing, China, and the Festival der Regionen in Linz, Austria. She has been awarded may prizes and grants such as the Stiftung Kunstfonds, Bonn (1997), der Kunststiftung
NRW (2002) the Akademie einer anderen Stadt (Academy of Another City) art platform of the International Building Exhibition IBA Hamburg (2011, as artist and curator together with Ute Vorkoeper). Andrea Knobloch lives and works as an artist, curator and lecturer in Düsseldorf.


Barkin’ Kitchen is a creative platform showcasing food and drink designed for both the producer and consumer. Our network consists of top chefs, bartenders, hospitality professionals, and of course, food fans. Barkin’ Kitchen stands for bar and kitchen, the fusion of both in an unconventional culinary spectacle. Our primary focus is on `food & Beverage pairing` finding new combinations of food and drink for new dimensions in taste.


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