Andreas Töpfer

Vernissage 19.06// 7pm// Entretempo Kitchen Gallery, Senefelderstras. 29

The Gustograms show a way to represent flavors on the type of an inverted compass rose. The absolute zero point is the untoasted white bread: no paint, no consistency, no taste. South axis and Northern axis are exchanged and thus follow the path of the sun. To the east you find fishy, green and fresh aromas, red Bolognese­like tastes in the west.The ideal taste on the South­axis is a perfect egg, soft on the inside, on the edge of something fixed. Down on the North­axis musty cellar like flavors are listed. Remarkably is the South­West direction in which you find the "chips effect": Once started, you can not stop. The drawings are done while eating. This way places of tastes and their directions can be recorded in the course of the meal. Taste, including the odor, and the consistency to which transparency and the surfaces belong, as well as the environment influence on the drawing. In the process of these visual descriptions it was discovered that at too loud places no taste is perceived or during the transmission of a football game the sausage tastes more intense. Of course, these listings of taste and description within the Gustograms are very individual. However, later identified similarities between the representations indicate, that the Gustograms repeat the rules they are based upon.

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