Anne Duk Hee Jordan & Shira Wachsmann

19/06/2015//11am// Entretempo Kitchen Gallery// Senefelderstraße 29

Anne Duk Hee Jordan and Shira Wachsmann work for several years already as an artist duo. They have made a number of large projects that the boundaries of the art world. For the Berlin Food Art Week, they want to offer a big party on the road. A long table is placed on the road, so that the path for the traffic is blocked. The table should be 6 feet long, long benches are placed to sit on both sides of the table be that allows a large number of participants in the meal participate. Any person who accidentally runs down the street or  be passing bywill be invited to sit at the table and to eat. It is an act of social encounter. A meal for all.

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