Barbara Cousin Slices of Time

Vernissage 20.06// Buffet Tastes of childhood Music and poetry mashup//Raum B? Wildenbruchstr. 4

Born in France in 1985, Barbara Cousin lives and works in Berlin. Her work questions our view of time and the fragility of things. Using mostly paper, she creates drawings and installations that mix valuables such as family photographs and any a priori elements a piece of paper, a piece of cloth, handkerchief... ­ which she considers relics, souvenir items. During the exhibition “Slices of time”, Barbara Cousin focuses on food as an object of remembrance (“The colors of childhood”, “I remember that meal”, “My beloved tamarind”) being altered by the inevitable flow of time (“Sectioned fruits”, “The delicate rot”). She has already exhibited in Paris (Drawing and water color painting exhibition, Grand­Palais, Shrubs, young artists’ works exhibition) and Berlin (Kunstkaserne, das Kapital). -


food art week -
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