Fernanda Trevellin

20.06 vernissage// KARIN GIERSIG PRAXIS, Hunsrückstr. 29// Opening hours Mon - Fri 10 to 6pm

“Contemplate nature and immerse into a marvellous universe of patterns, rhythms and harmonies.”

Pachamama, Berlin.To invoke the forces of Mother Earth, Pachamama, who gives birth and feeds all Beings, connecting them, in Earth to the Universe. Inside the spiral circuit, milk flows and drops inside the glass funnel.The pump gives movement to the holy liquid.Installed over a green grass of a beautiful garden in Weissensee, the white spiral is dynamic. Transitory, like everything in nature, the living spiral evokes the three dimensions of “Pacha”: Time, Space and the Totality of the Being.

artist's website: http://www.trevellin.com/

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