Ilan Katin// workshop Topography of Flavor

23.06// 6pm// Entretempo Kitchen Gallery, Senefelderstras. 29// online ticket

Participatory Performance (free) and Workshop (10 Euros)

What is the color and shape of a flavor? Maybe red is spicy and vegetables are green. But what if we are asked to express the color and shape that comes to us when we eat a pie? The artist Ilan Katin invites you eat a mystery pie flavor, then draw your impression of the pie you've just eaten. In the end, we will bring together a collage of people's experiences of flavor.
Ilan Katin's visual work, both static and performative, spans from meticulous to deceptively simple and iconographic. The overarching concept is the exploration of the inherent vitality of human expression. For the past decade he has worked in a wide variety of disciplines including graphic design, illustration, comics, installations and animation. In 2003 he began working in the field of live video. His illustrations, logos and character designs have been featured in several online and print publications. He has performed individually and collaboratively, for intimate art events and theater pieces to countless, large scale VJ sets in a variety of locations in the Americas and Europe.

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