Inés Lauber/ worshop & lunch

20,21,23.06//11am // Grüne Liga, Prenzlauer Allee 8

TALES OF TASTE NO.1 / FORGOTTEN GREENS will take you on a journey, foraging forgotten flavours, hunting stories of the past and putting them into a contemporary context. 
In 21st century the perception and knowledge about our food, where it comes from, how it is prepared, hence the way we eat has changed dramatically within no time…Today, we have reached a point of questioning the production of our food, searching for the roots and traces where it comes from and the story behind a dish, a product or simply a fresh vegetable. As food functions as a mirror of the society – what is it that modern food culture tells about us? 
The workshop TALES OF TASTE No.1 will be held three times during the Berlin Food Art Week: Saturday (20.06.), Sunday (21.06.) and Tuesday (23.06.), each from 11am to 3pm, including a tasting and lunch.


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