Jean Paul Ganem & Grüne Liga // workshop

We will create a painting of the sky by connecting trees and graves on a downtown, former cemetery, in a timeless space that is overgrown by forest-like vegetation.First day: Prepare the design of the constellations with sticks, shovels, work with the soil, and bring some compost.Second day: People will choose plants or other material to make their own way to design the constellations.

"My agricultural designs are found where art is least expected... My work revolves around human activity in various landscapes, integrating artistic creation into a production process, to surprise and stimulate the actors and spectators of the landscapes. All of the technical parameters of the activity on a given landscape are included in the designs, for example, those of farming, a garbage dump or runways of an airport. I work within the parameters to create designs.My designs are made with plants, therefore, they are constantly changing with time."

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