Jimok Choi// In Vitro Garden // Exhibition

Asia contemporary art platform NON Berlin // Chausseestr. 11 (entrance via Tieckstr.)

Opening 23/06/2015// 7pm// Opening performance by Jimok Choi: 8pm
Exhibition duration 24.06 - 03.07

In Vitro Garden // Exhibition

In Vitro Garden’ alludes to the process in which living organisms--in this case, food organisms-- are artificially cultivated within the controlled environment of a glass test-tube. Contrast to 'in vivo,' 'in vitro' food production methods have developed drastically as a solution for overpopulation and resource depletion. Korean artist Jimok Choi employs the forbidden fruit in his piece ‘Apple.apple,apple,apple,apple‘ to depict food as an essential element for life. Through his installations and performances, he raises questions about the role and function of food as a commodity.


Jimok Choi. Born in South Korea, Choi studied at the Muthesius art university in Kiel and received the Gottfried-Brockmann-Preis in 2011. Since 2009, he has been cutting and using his own art work as a fuel to grill sausages(Wurst) and as plates for the sausage, in the end selling them to the audience. Including his work „Wie verkaufe ich Kunst,“ Choi has been using food as a tool to criticize the consumption-oriented Art market.

In vitro Garden: https://www.facebook.com/events/1478308082459835/

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