Lynn Peemoeller

CENTRAL BERLIN, Strausbergerplatz 16-18//Opening hours daily from 11am to 4pm/ Entrance free

As part of my ongoing work in local food systems, I’m interested in reenacting historic East and West German food stories spatially via food exchanges that took place over the Berlin Wall, thus building a contemporary spatial food narrative for the city and exposing its historic divided past as it relates to food culture. I am matching persons who will re-enact an exchange of goods back and forth between East and West (Berlin). Packages are mailed from West to East containing foods that were scarce in former East Germany but in demand (like baking ingredients) Recipients use what is in the package to cook or bake something that is then returned via mail from East to West. Although food is universally accessible all over Berlin today the project exposes the now hidden, historic spatial relations of two vastly different yet parallel urban food systems and the different realities of food availability and thus evolving food culture as it related to East and West,Germany. It also tells the story of how people living in one divided city were connected through food.

The process will be documented and the outcomes will be presented as a historic meets contemporary mapping of the city. Ingredients, recipes, and packages will be documented.Participants will be asked to provide a bio and make a statement. Participants will not know each other beforehand and will be invited to attend the Vernissage to meet each other. The foods made during the re-enactment will be presented to the public for inspection and ingestion.A small booklet from the project will be produced.

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