Maria Solivellas & Albert Pinya Pinyatoneta Experience: My name is Pig, Black Pig

25/06/2105// 7.30pm/ Cooks Connection, Sophie­Charlotten­Straße 50

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"Pinyatoneta Experience: My name is Pig, Black Pig " is the tittle of the gastronomic happening done by the majorcan chef Maria Solivellas and the majorcan artist Albert Pinya. The project is related with one of the most important icons of the majorcan gastronomy: the black pig. Solivellas and Pinya will prepare a very special dinner around this kind of loving pig with the interaction and the complicity of the public. The idea is to propose a gastronomic / philosophical / artistic model able to recover some of the values that contemporary society is forgetting and losing. The starting point is always the "ultra­local" so that, by neogastronomy and visual arts, approaches acquire a "universal search". Connecting, at all times, with concepts such as biodiversity, small farmers and small productions or responsible hedonism.Maria Solivellas is the cook and owner of the restaurant "Ca Na Toneta" (Caimari, Mallorca) and is the founder of Slow Food in the Balearics Islands.Albert Pinya is a young, innovative, Mediterranean and explosive artist.

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