Our slogan ? Bring together contemporary art, food and community to bring positive social change to our world.

What is our vision and Values ?

  • We promote Organic, Local, Fair and Social products
  • We apply the concept of Mottainai in our work: reduce, reuse, recycle, in other words, we give priority to use materials that are there
  • We take care that our events are accessible for all kind of people, including “special needing people” and kids
  • Almost all of events are free of charge
  • We have a special program to educate people about food and its impact on our world and society
  • We fight for human and animal rights
  • We fight against food waste
  • We are a grassroots movement, addressing socio-political-environmental issues through food and art
  • We are interested in projects that can make our world a better place
  • We collaborate with institutions, companies and individuals that share the same vision

Do you want to see more ? Don’t be shy, please click on the PDF

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