Pepe Dayaw

23.06// 6pm// Sabine Hueck - Atelier Culinário - Kyffhäuserstr. 21

Pepe Dayaw’s Spice Routes #04. ‘Mysteries’

Spice Routes is part of Pepe's transdisciplinary work on cooking as a research process where he inhabits spaces to explore tactics for democracy and agency. In #04. ‘Mysteries’ participants will experience a vital performance intimately related to a co-developed menu in partnership between the artist and the chef Sabine Hueck.

24.06// 7pm// Markthalle Neun Eisenbahnstraße 42,43

Dayaw - cooking filipino contemporary Food/music/dance/film

Migration is a common theme of life as a Filipino. There are 10 million Filipinos currently living outside the Philippines. These movements have evolved a specific cultural logic and that is otherwise almost untranslatable unless one tastes it. The authenticity of Filipino food lies not in exacting a specific dish that has been traditionally cooked over there (because traditions merely arise from inventions) but translating it into a local situation in the now here, and extract the essential social rituals and human spirit that through cooking makes people, whether Filipino or otherwise, come together.



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