Sarmishta Pantham/ Fruity Tales, workshop

20/06/2015// 4pm// Entretempo Kitchen Gallery, Senefelderstrass 29

...and as the Gods churned the ocean day and night in search of their divine prize, they were rewarded with the fruit of their labour- the Nectar of the divinity, the Nectar of immortailty...

Across cultures, food has made its appearance in mythological tales through a fantastical range of abstractions: the hero, the anti-hero, the sidekick, the turning point, the seductress and even the crook! It has gone by several mystical avatars with aptly poetic names: the fountain of youth, the Nectar of the Gods, the forbidden fruit, the cornucopia... Through Fruity Tales, we explore visual and conceptual analogies between food and mythology, to concoct new mythical food of our own!

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