Sandrine Mazan//Benjamin Schmitt & Quentin Kieba, Cook//Team of Volunters

A table ronde 02

20/06/2015//12pm // Prinzessinengarten, Prinzenstrasse 35

Utilizing design and charity organizations as her main subjects, Sandrine Mazan brings back A Table Ronde, intertwining solidarity, conviviality and pleasure with public spaces.The aim of this project is to create a social link between the charity organizations supplying food to persons in need and two qualified gastronomic chefs ́s menu expressly made for the occasion. By using vegetables and fruits leftovers collected through the different food markets of Berlin, the Chefs will sublimate this «waste» by conceiving a unique Gourmet ́s In the meantime, passers by will be invited to gather together with people in need, in order to erase the barriers created by society between social classes.Berlin streets altogether with an exceptional meal,will be the perfect scenery for the event.

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