Satoshi Fujiwara// In Vitro Garden // Exhibition

Asia contemporary art platform NON Berlin // Chausseestr. 11 (entrance via Tieckstr.)

Opening 23/06/2015// 7pm// Opening performance by Jimok Choi: 8pm
Exhibition duration 24.06 - 03.07

In Vitro Garden // Exhibition

‘In Vitro Garden’ alludes to the process in which living organisms--in this case, food organisms-- are artificially cultivated within the controlled environment of a glass test-tube. Contrast to 'in vivo,' 'in vitro' food production methods have developed drastically as a solution for overpopulation and resource depletion. Japanese artist Satoshi Fujiwara approaches the economic chaos in Japan which was caused by the increased Yen currency rate values after the Fukushima catastrophe by probing the relationship between money and our daily commodity— food.


Satoshi Fujiwara. Born in Kobe, Japan and worked as a graphic designer in Tokyo. Since 2014 he works as a contemporary artist and photographer based in Berlin. Collaborated with ISSEY MIYAKE MEN shown at Paris Fashion Week (at Fondation Cartier, Paris) and participated in the Photography Biennale in Berlin.

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In Vitro Garden

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