Tessa Zettel & Sumugan Sivanesan Plan Bienen

Vernissage 26.06// 8pm//Brunch and Seminar: 28.06 12-2pm// Art Laboratory Berlin, Prinzenallee 34

Plan Bienen is an on-going research project developed by Sydney-based artists Tessa Zettel and Sumugan Sivanesan during their residency at ZK/U – Centre for Art and Urbanistics in Berlin in 2014.

With Plan Bienen both of the artists strive to reflect on our current economic system – in which Berlin fulfils the role of a multicultural ‘creative’ city. Parallel to the crisis within European economic systems, bee ecologies are facing a crisis as well - the well known colony collapse disorder. By taking the history and current popularity of urban beekeeping as an entry point, the artists explore possibilities for non-monetary economies, new social habits within Berlin’s food culture, intercultural gardening, migrant networks and ‘hausprojekts’; subjects which are present in Berlin’s creative and multicultural communities. A focus on living with bee ecologies allows the artists to speculate on kinds of futures bees might lead us towards.



Tessa Zettel has an interdisciplinary and research focused art practice in which she explores alternative ways of living. She does this by creating new forms of exchange and by revaluing obscured cultural practices and knowledge. Her projects mostly take the form of participatory interventions.

As an ‘anti-disciplinary’ artist, Sumugan Sivanesan works with a multiplicity of media. His installations, performances, videos and texts offer a place for intervention and discussion. Next to Plan Bienen, Sumugan has several other collaborative projects concerning subjects like post-nationalism and the politics of mobility and media.

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