Tina Zimmermann and Isabel Ott

19. & 20. 7pm to 10pm//23.to26. 1pm to 10pm// Märchenwald & Schweizer Hüttli, Eingang über das Restaurant FAME - Holzmarktstr. 25

The berlin artists  Tina Zimmermann and Isabel Ott cordially invite you to take seat at the banquet of Polyprop Club.Here you may take absolute sterile food and every organic product is lovingly bedded in macromolecules. The one who arranges his chemical coctail in the labyrinth of additives in advance  experiences the one and only taste of eternal life…


Genossenschaft für urbane Kreativität (GuK eG)In the cooperative for urban creativity (GuK eG) have entrepreneurs, cultural workers and supporters together, to the sustainable development of the city district to allow "Holzmarkt". "The timber market is not just a street in Berlin with a turbulent history for us. On behalf of the future we see and program. On the timber market we think nature, economy and culture together. We open and create space for creativity - to live and work. Where today the scar between East and West is still visible, is a lively neighborhood arise of Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Mitte combines. The timber market will attract people from Berlin and the world delight, inspire and bring together. Sustainability and change are not mutually exclusive for us. We create a tension between modern architecture and a wooden market within the meaning of the word. New technologies and crafts fertilize. The timber market leaves room for new things, does not remain static. We want to create value, experiment and learn -. In a unique place "

Gastronomy is one of the main components of the timber market project , the heart is through the stomach and food brings people together . It is the centerpiece of the timber market , where people meet to enjoy , to experience and plan. Since May 2013, FAME is built our temporary restaurant right on the Spree until we finally the cat feast until next year . The FAME offers from 12 : 00-15 : 00 a lunch and evening it opens the door from 19:00 with changing menu and unusual exclusive menus selected wines and changing exotic fancy cocktails .

Tina Zimmermann
Tina Zimmermann is an interdisciplinary artist and product designer from berlin, working in diverse media such as installation, video mapping and animation, live visuals, graphics, drawings, painting and sculpture. She is specialized in site-specific installations using analog and digital elements, that often explore the aesthetics and critical impact of man-made artifacts versus natural resources.


Isabel Ott 
"Garbage is a matter of opinion" Trashroyal is the fusion of Isabel Ott´s work as a production designer and artist. Her favoured goods are the floatsam of life. She awakes the garbage of consumption or the doomed personal items to a glamorous new life.


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