Uli Westphal/ In Vitro Garden // Exhibition

Asia contemporary art platform NON Berlin // Chausseestr. 11 (entrance via Tieckstr.)

Opening 23/06/2015// 7pm// Opening performance by Jimok Choi: 8pm
Exhibition duration 24.06 - 03.07

In Vitro Garden// Exhibition

'In Vitro Garden’ alludes to the process in which living organisms--in this case, food organisms-- are artificially cultivated within the controlled environment of a glass test-tube. Contrast to 'in vivo,' 'in vitro' food production methods have developed drastically as a solution for overpopulation and resource depletion. The supermarket is the last stage of the food industry manufacturing process. All products displayed in a supermarket are covered with utopian images which obscure the actual artificial production procedure. The works titled ‘Supernatural’ by German artist Uli Westphal show over-saturated landscapes fabricated from the images on food packaging from the supermarket.


Uli Westphal. His works deal with the way humans perceive, depict and transform the natural world.

website: http://uliwestphal.de/

In Vitro Garden: https://www.facebook.com/events/1478308082459835/

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