Curated by Tainá Guedes/ Entretempo Kitchen Gallery
Co-curated by Stephanie von Behr

7th to 14th July 2017

"contemporary art, food and community for positive social change"

The Berlin Food Art Week is a festival of food and contemporary art in Berlin taking place in one main Location during the weekend 7-.9 of July and in different locations in Berlin, during the 10-14 of July. 

Main Location Hallesches Haus
Official Opening on 7th of July, 7pm
Exhibition, Performances, Food Art and Party

We have a special focus on food sustainability, animals and human rights and environmental-social-economic issues, with the year theme “vs.Meat”.

Here you can find some articles and the promo video of Berlin Food Art Week

Over 20 exciting events, exhibitions, performances, dining experiences and workshops will gather together famous, as well as young and upcoming artists. For the entire week the visitors will have the opportunity to discover the intersection between the wide panorama of modern and contemporary art and the increasingly popular (healthy) food culture in Berlin. Through performances, dining events and exhibitions the festival will aim to present to Berlin how food can be the medium of artworks and how it can open a dialog between thoughts and emotions. The Berlin Food Art Week focuses on discovering the different connections between art and food by exploring the worlds of design, photography, collage, performance, food experiences and books related to this topic.

Some of the artists, chefs and collaborators that will cook, create and exhibit at the FAW 2017
Ayrson Heraclito
Alexandra Chowaniec
Anne-Laure Robin
Anne Duk Hee Jordan
Bonnie Tchien
Diane Merli
Harriet Clare
Isabella Asp Onsjö
Iuri Kothe
Jasmine Monique Guffond
Josephine Baker
kate hers RHEE
Lenora de Barros
Maansi Jain
Naoko Yasukochi
Nicolas Jardry
Mariana Zanetti
Parusha Naidoo
Patrick J. Reed
Rebecca Lockwood and Roberto Cabot
Rodrigo Braga
Samantha Leiva
Seok Hyun Han 
Sergio Vasconcelos
Silvia Wald/ Aufschnitt
Stefanie Rittler and Jan Bernstein
Tainá Guedes
Tito Casal
Uli Westphal
Winston Chmielinski


Performing artists
April Gertler
Chris Lian-Lloyd

Dj Berlin Disaster
Frau Hue
GiGi L'impératrice
Iara Guedes
Lukas Julius Keijser
Marisa Benjamin
Sebastian Liljedahl
Tereza Guedes
Veronika Krenn
Collective Maracujá, Paulinho Seahorse, Luter Filho, Denis Altschul

Food Art Dinner by
Anastasia Sharova
Bia Goll
Linda Lezius
Taste of Japan
Inés Lauber
Laura-Ximena Villanueva Guerra
Sophia Hoffmann
Stephan Hentschel/ cookies cream

Workshops for kids and adults at Freche Freunde new space
Alanna Lawley/ Foodadit
Alexandra Buck
Alexis Goertz
Pao Kitsch
Pati Keilwerth
Sarmishta Pantham

Talks/ Discussion
Abi Aspen Glencross
Prof. Guido Ritter
Hendrik Haase
Denise Loga / Sustainable Food Academy 

Cookies Cream
Entretempo Kitchen Gallery
Freche Freunde
Ex Berlin.
Knupfer Bar
Hallesches Haus
Markthalle Neun
Momentum Worldwide
Raum Schwalbe
Urban Spree

Initiator of the FAW is Entretempo Kitchen Gallery, an interdisciplinary art space in Berlin, which researches and explores food in a cultural and social context.

More information are regularly updated on the BFAW official website ( and Facebook page ( 

Friendly supported by:

Das Herbarium Leipzig

Lemonaid ChariTea

Lush Charity Pot
Freche Freunde

Rheinsberger Preussenquelle

UFO Sound Studios
Weingut Karl Schaefer

Media Partners
sleek magazinee
Himbeer Magazine
Berlin Art Link
Independent collectors

FAW is a project by NGO Food & Movement e.V. Initiator of the FAW is Entretempo Kitchen Gallery, an interdisciplinary art space in Berlin, which researches and explores food in a cultural and social context.


Join us in Bologna Food Art Week - 22-24 of September Le Serre

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