Zagreus// Exhibition & Dinner experience/ The Endangered Species Recipe Book

19.06 Opening & dinner// 24 & 26.06 Dinner/ 8 pm//Brunnenstraße 9a

The Endangered Species Recipe Book is the title of a series of oil paintings on paper that depict animals that have gone extinct, or are going extinct, and the historic recipes thatwe humans have used to cook them. The brainchild of painter Hugo Bastidas and sculptor Elizabeth Demaray, the project is inspired by the work of the natural scientist E.O. Wilson,who believes that by the end of this century—in our lifetimes, we will lose half of all plant and animal species currently in existence, if our current rate of ecological destruction continuesThe Endangered Species Recipe Book, considers ways to view our ecological moment in the context of our historic interactions with the natural world.

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